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<تفرجگاه عینالی< تبریز

«تفرجگاه عینالی» تبریز در ناحیه شمالی شهر تبریز،تفرجگاهی در دامنه کوه ها و تپه های سرخ‌رنگی به نام عینالی «عون بن علی» قرار دارد...Read More

«حسین سرشار»

            به یاد «حسین سرشار» خواننده ‌ی اپرا (باریتون دراماتیک) ، موسیقیدان ، دوبلور و هنرپیشه به یاد «حسین...Read More

A message from KIRN 670 AM/ KLOS 95.5 FM HD Radio

  شنوندگان عزیز، قدر شما را می‌دانیم و امیدواریم بتوانیم در حد امکان به پیشنهادات و انتقادات شما جامه عمل بپوشانیم. سپاس از بیست...Read More

 Welcome to the most beautiful football court in Iran! To the north of Iran, there is a village of #Deyvaznav,#Kurdistan. According to the last...Read More

Double Feature: Limbo

    Double Feature: Limbo   The Republic of Herrskog An arresting study of exile and immigration, The Republic of Herrskog, directed by Hamed Alizadeh, is an...Read More

Summer Travel Plans

  Summer Travel Plans   It’s no secret that the pandemic affected the travel industry in a major way. Americans had to put their...Read More

Rose Festival in İran

  Festivals in İran Rose Festival in İran  Kashan   When we are talking about flowers, roses Kashan and its cities are undoubtedly associated...Read More

کشت کلزا در شمال ایران

       تصاویر از کشت بهاره کلزا در شمال ایران کلزا از «گیاهان استراتژیک» برای ایران محسوب می‌شود کلزا یکی از گیاهان مفید...Read More


  پالنگان/PALANGAN   یکی از روستاهای دهستان ژاورود از توابع شهرستان کامیاران در استان کردستان است و در ۵۵ کیلومتری شمال‌غرب این شهر و...Read More


      CLIMATE CHANGES   Droughts, floods, wildfires, hurricanes and other extreme weather events related to climate change are multiplying in frequency and...Read More

Kal-e Jenni Canyon

  Kal-e Jenni Canyon   Jinni Canyon, or as local people say, Kal-e Jenni, is one of the most mysterious and stunning valleys in...Read More

Payam Shayani

Who is Payam Shayani? P. Payam Mark Shayani has entirely committed his life to serving his clients that were wrongly denied their deserved compensation...Read More

Ilam Province/استان ایلام

استان ایلام یا به کُردی پارێزگای ئیلام، ‎ یکی از استان‌های کشور ایران است که در باختر این کشور و در ناحیه‌ای کوهستانی و...Read More

Who is Mariya Palanjian

Who is Mariya Palanjian   Mariya Palanjian is an entrepreneur, minority business woman, and MBA graduate from Woodbury University with her husband and two...Read More

Get to know Kanani advisory group

  Discover how Kanani Advisory  Group  help individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements They  are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create...Read More

Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Dr. Habib Sadeghi The founder of Be Hive of Healing, an integrative medical center that superimposes Physiology, Psychology, and Spirituality   Dr. Habib Sadeghi...Read More

Valley Marketplace

Valley Marketplace ************************************************* Valley Marketplace is a family-owned and operated domestic and international supermarket located in Reseda. Since 1992, we have offered the largest...Read More
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