Javaherdeh village is a small paradise




Javaherdeh village



Mazandaran is one of the green provinces in the north of Iran that has many tourist and historical attractions. In this beautiful province, there is a village called Javaherdeh, which has added to its beauty. Javaherdeh is located in Mazandaran province with beautiful and pleasant nature and simple and lovely people. The climate of Javaherdeh village is pleasant and cool in spring and summer, and many people always travel to this area for sightseeing. The village of Javaherdeh stands out like a jewel among the forests of Ramsar and is one of the most popular villages. Despite its extraordinary beauties and climate, Javaherdeh has been able to become an Iranian paradise.

Where is the Javaherdeh?
One of the most beautiful places in Ramsar, the bride of the northern cities of Iran, is the village of Javaherdeh. Javaherdeh village is a small paradise 29 km from Ramsar city in Mazandaran province. Also, this village is located in the southwest of this city. But the interesting thing is that this time it is not just the village itself that is the attraction. In fact, apart from the village, another main attraction is the village route and Ramsar road to Javaherdeh village. An attraction that passes through a dense, asphalt road through dense forests with green and wild trees. Also, sometimes it sinks so much into the fog that it looks more like a painting and fantasy than reality.

Javaherdeh village in Ramsar is a place for professional nature lovers
Iran is a complete package for tourism. Because if they intend to travel historically, cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan can be among the best options. Even if they want to have nature and adventure trips, the northern part of the country can provide them with everything that travelers need to travel with many attractions. The village of Javaherdeh in Ramsar, due to its charming nature and wonderful climate, attracts many tourists every year, especially in summer.

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