What do you know about Sadaf Foods?


What do you know about Sadaf Foods?


Sadaf Foods has been a family business since 1982 when two brothers immigrated to Los Angeles from their hometown of Iran. Once settled here, they began to long for the comforting and familiar aromas and tastes of home, often finding it impossible to find traditional Middle Eastern ingredients in American supermarkets. The brothers founded Sadaf to help the community experience a little piece of home in their kitchen.

Founded, established, and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and trademark registered worldwide. Sadaf began with 3 people and 17 products, but together the two brothers continued to source, test, and import the highest quality ingredients, products, and specialty foods from different Mediterranean cuisines and countries.

Today, Sadaf employs over 100 people leading many divisions supporting 1000+ Sadaf brand products distributed to our customers nationwide. Sadaf imports products from over 15 countries worldwide with the mission to connect cultures through delicious and authentic food.

What is their Business Practices ?

They pride themselves on their core values of impeccable quality and service.

As a family company, they view their employees, partners, and customers as an extension of our family. Sadaf takes great care in selecting all of their products, imported from their trusted partners all over the world to provide the best ingredients and foods for you and your family.

Their promise to their customers, is to always bring the freshest, highest-quality ingredients at an affordable price for you and your family. Sadaf hopes that they can bring the authentic flavors from around the globe into your kitchen, bringing a little bit of joy, warmth, and comfort to your everyday meals.



Contact information

Address: 2828 S. Alameda Street.
Los Angeles, Ca 90058
Tel: (323) 234-6666
Fax: (323) 234-2447
Email: info@sadaf.com

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