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Abramson Law
815 Moraga Dr.
2nd floor
Los Angeles, CA

ABRAMSON LAW is a premier boutique law firm that specializes in providing legal solutions to business owners. We have helped innovators create businesses, buy businesses, maintain, defend, grow and eventually sell their business.
(310) 472-7244
Alicia Dental
25251 Paseo De Alicia #202
For over 25 years we have been providing the happy families surrounding Laguna Hills, CA with top rated and best value dental services. Call us today.

For over 25 years we have been providing the happy families surrounding Laguna Hills, CA with top rated and best value dental services. Call us today.

Alicia Dental
Amiri Travel
SUITE #203
TEL: (800) 652-6474
TEL: (310) 475-8865
FAX: (310) 475-2098

SUITE #203
TEL: (888) 264-7477
TEL: (818) 758-2626
FAX: (818) 609-7886

SUITE # 225
SAN JOSE, CA 95117
TEL: (877) 628-0608
TEL: (408) 378-1600
FAX: (408) 378-5587

Proudly Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area for over 50 years Persian Travel Specialists

With hospitality in our genes, Amiri Tour and Travel Agency were founded in 1960 and offers luxurious quality tours to worldwide destinations. Our range of tours is created by certified specialists with more than 50 years of experience in this field.

We believe that the meaning of luxury is evolving to include a great diversity of offerings that many travelers never even knew existed or have experienced before. That is why we are constantly providing tour packages to exciting new destinations for you to experience new people, cultures and traditions. Each tour is tailor-made after in-depth destination research and include: luxury escapes, honeymoon specials, safari holidays and special ‘hot-deals’, among others.
We also offer Tailor-made Programs around the World based on your own requests and desires. Our group specialists would love to assist you in creating a travel program that is rich with experiences, flexibility and reliability that promote excellence for you.

Dream up your wish list of places to experience with Amiri tour and travel Agency and our team will make sure that we deliver the ideal journey designed to your preferences.
1501 Aviation Boulevard,
Redondo Beach, California

Cooking with the most vital of all ingredients, LOVE, our team is excited to present our protein-centric, supply driven & healthy concept to you & our BACON-LOVING friends. Our trained & committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience and are well cared for @angel city grill, even if BACON is not your thing &  you or a loved one happens to be pescatarian, vegetarian, or even 100% vegan. 

Angel City Grill constantly seeks new trends, methods & process, utilizing superior top grade California ingredients, resulting in unsurpassed quality brought to our beloved South Bay at well below reasonable prices.
Atlas Ticket
4425 Jamboree Road, Suite 128
Newport Beach, CA

Atlas Ticket has over 30 years of airline business and international travel experience. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the expert advice and amazing deals to make your trip a perfect one. Let us turn your dream vacation into a reality!

Ease of Mind
There is an aspect of your trip you truly cannot put a price on - peace of mind. When you book a trip with us, it's included. Instead of worrying about something going wrong with your reservations, we'll make sure you can just relax and enjoy your vacation.

Lowest Rates
Your dream destination doesn't need to break the bank. Our knowledge and connections can't be beat. We'll ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to get the lowest possible rates.
16782 Hale Ave STE A,
Irvine, CA

DexaFit keeps you accountable to your goals. Discover your ideal diet, training, or treatment plan. Here at DexaFit, we offer affordable and accurate medical services to clients who want to take action on their health and fitness and want credible data.

(949) 464-8697
Dr. Hamed Taheri, M.D.
1045 Atlantic Ave,Suite 512
Cosmteic Surgeron
Board Certified Vascular Surgon
Board Certified General Surgon
Fariba Maghoul, RN
Cosmetic Specialist
562 435 0862
Spectrum Irvine, CA

I started marketing and business development over 10 years ago. I have worked in the corporate world, I have been self-employed and I have also built and run multiple profitable businesses online. During those years, I’ve been fortunate to receive a lot of awards and honors and I am really thankful for them. But my business journey was not an easy one, it had ups and downs. I had big mistakes and big wins, and I’ve done whatever it takes to become who I am now.I am now running multiple successful lifestyle businesses online, and I have a new approach to doing business. I believe building and running business can be simple and achievable and my mission is to inspire others to pursue their life ambitions and to build their own dream business.
Embrace Growth

Embrace Growth – founded in 2001 is an unique educational business with centers in Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamburg, London and Dubai, serving the personal development needs of thousands of people internationally through an integrated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual technology.

We work with clients privately in our offices or by telephone and Skype. Our primary focus is working with groups through seminars, workshops, TV shows and tele-conferencing.

Our name is a suggestion to accept and embrace life’s inevitable challenges as an opportunity for Personal Growth.
GPS Counselor
PO BOX 9763
Virtual Coaching and Counseling Services

Virtual support is the best option for busy, traveling professionals. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of bringing the office to you. Take your support system with you everywhere you go. Very easy to get a hold of through text, e-mail, phone and video. Appointments available 7 days a week.

Free Initial Consultation
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