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P. Payam Mark Shayani has entirely committed his life to serving his clients that were wrongly denied their deserved compensation in a variety of legal cases. Mark Shayani has won his clients millions of dollars in compensation from catastrophic injury claims, personal injury, and work related injuries. Winning over twenty five million dollars in these claims on behalf of his clients, Mark has established himself as a well known and well respected attorney in the State of California’s legal proceedings. His clients’ testimonies prove how dedicated Mark has been, from the beginning to end of each and every case. He is highly recommended across the State of California for all personal injury cases. Mark is the founder of Pacific Attorney Group, eastablished in California. He has found relief for the victims in hundreds of personal injury and Worker’s Compensation cases over the last several years. Mark has saved his clients lots of time in their cases with his cunning negotiations.

An article by Mr.Payam Shayani:

Compensation for Auto Accidents

What is my claim worth? What types of expenses may I be able to recover compensation for? Will my insurance policy cover this? These are all common questions that a person involved in a car accident may have, and a lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group may be able to answer these and many others. Arranging a free case review with a Los Angeles car accident attorney at our firm is one of the first steps you should take after a collision – it may serve to protect your right to maximum compensation.

Compensation may be defined as a sum of money paid to compensate, or make up for, losses, or injuries that a person has experienced. In the realm of auto accidents, this is usually money paid by the insurance company of the driver that caused the collision to the victim or victims of the accident. The following types of compensation may be paid in a car accident claim or lawsuit:

Medical Treatment

Compensation paid for medical treatment may include any and all medical care that a victim has received in relation to the car accident. Hospitalization, doctor visits, physical therapy, medication, medical supplies and even mileage expenses to get to and from medical appointments may be covered. Future medical care may also be covered if the victim will require ongoing treatment.

Lost Income

Money paid for lost income in a car accident claim may include any work that a victim has missed as a result of his or her injuries. It may also include loss of potential earnings if a victim is unable to return to work in the same field or cannot return to work at all. Compensation for lost earnings can make all the difference as a car accident victim attempts to make ends meet even while unable to work.

Property Damage

This may include any and all damage to a vehicle and any personal property that was caused in the accident. Compensation for property damage can help a victim get his or her car repaired, may pay for an entirely new vehicle if the car was totaled, and can cover other damage to real property, clothing, and more.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering refer to compensation that usually falls under the category of non-economic damages, as these injuries cannot be easily quantified. Emotional and psychological trauma, physical pain and other suffering experienced by the victim may be compensable, depending on the case. These damages can be more difficult to obtain, but with the right approach, it may be possible to recover fair compensation for non-economic injuries and losses.

Loss of Consortium
Loss of consortium is another type of compensation that falls under non-economic damages. In some cases, a victim of a car accident may experience injuries that impact his or her relationship with a spouse, such as an inability to perform sexually.Seeking maximum compensation is of the utmost importance if a victim of an auto accident is to have the best chance of rebuilding and moving on with his or her life. This is the entire purpose of compensation, in fact, to help a victim rebuild to as similar a position as he or she was in before the accident occurred. We cannot erase the past or make it so our injuries never occurred, but we can move forward and work toward a brighter future in spite of any past trauma.
Mr. Shayani is an experienced and trusted Accident lawyer that can help you maximize the value of your case. For more information please call 818 777-777 for a free consultation.
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