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Almas Family Child Day Care
Address: 7351 Maynard Ave, West Hills
CA 91307
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24 Hour Care

We work with parents with unique scheduling needs so you can rest easy knowing you always have a daycare solution
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Why Almas’
Family Child Care?
Our children not only recite the alphabet but are able to recognize and write them even at an early age. Our comprehensive program helps children to go as far as they are able. The sky is the limit. Our parents boast that their children stand out from the rest. References available upon request.

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(818) 390-3585 (818) 267 6486
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With more than 8 years of experience, our priority has always remained the same.  We strive to deliver the most dazzling and functional kitchen layouts at excellent price points to ensure customer satisfaction.  We don't just design kitchens.  We help our customers customize and create beautiful layouts that best capture their vision of a perfect kitchen.  So go ahead and imagine away! Stop by our showroom and see the plentiful options we have to design and make your dream kitchen a reality!

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(818) 849-1191
Address: 36 Discovery Irvine
Suit #100
CA 92612
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From the moment we list your home, we personally oversee the progression and navigate you through the process.

Global Marketing Reach beyond your Community and Targeted Social Marketing to bring only the most interested buyers to your property.
Civil Engineer, MBA, Real Estate Agent, Multi-Unit Construction Project Manager in California, 
YOU can also reach Mr. Vali @

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(310)925-3878 or (949) 220-1000
B&M Real Estate
Address: 24025 Park Sorrento, Calabasas,
CA 91302
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Robert Malakouti

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Babash Rug Services
Address: 8140 Deering Ave.

Canoga Park, CA 91304
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Babash Rug Services is owned and operated by the Hafezi family. Our famous 11 step rug cleaning process is one of the safest, most effective, and affordable cleaning procedures in the industry! Our repair and cleaning staff are the culmination of years of practical experience combined with a passion for fine handwoven rugs. Our owner and founder Reza, is a member of the rug cleaning team himself. Reza works on and oversees every single rug that we clean and repair to assure your rug’s safety and quality cleaning. All repairs are conducted in-house by a team of Los Angeles-based rug repair technicians who have 20-50 years’ experience in rug maintenance work. Our staff’s pool of knowledge allows us to expertly deliver quality service in every job.


Babash Rug Services is located in Canoga Park. Our convenient location allows us to serve the entire County of Los Angeles. We also serve the residents of San Fernando Valley and surrounding Ventura County. Our facility features the only outdoor pallet area in Los Angeles County. The pallets are cleaned before rugs are laid on them to dry naturally in the sunshine. This drying process is eco-friendly and amplifies the sheen from our washing process. Inside the facility, we have our washing plant featuring French drains which provide a steady stream of water for your rug, so your rug does not soak in dirty water after the dirt and grime are removed.


We believe in only using detergents that are safe for you, your pets, and your children. Our detergents are biodegradable and are safe for both our employees and our customers.

Our dusting machine is state-of-the-art with many advantages over other dusting machines. Curious? You can read about our entire cleaning process here. Our dusting machine is waterproof, so we can soak your rug in water before washing. The water turns soil into mud and is eliminated by the detergent and duster. The duster features leather straps, which quickly rotate to unsettle dust and soil from deep inside the rug. Our duster is portable and is human operated. This approach is the best of both worlds as it allows us to pay close attention to the fine details of your rug, while still using high-powered machinery to truly deep clean the rug in a way that humans cannot achieve.

After unsettling and eliminating the mud and soil in your rug with our duster and flat spades, a fine film of dust might still naturally exist on the rug’s surface. We eliminate this by using our orbital scrubber, along with a second batch of detergent, which are used to remove any remaining dust or film.

Finally, we have our state-of-the-art centrifuge rug drying machine. This machine quickly rotates to eliminate about 95% of the water in the rug within the span of two-three minutes. This is crucial to ensure the quick removal of water because leaving too much water or drying too slowly can lead to odors, color bleeding, and yellowing. This is one of the main reasons why rug cleaning cannot be done at home. To eliminate the remaining 5% of water, the rug is dried on our outdoor pallets.


Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional cleaning quality and customer service, at the most affordable rate possible. We believe in using 100% organic detergent that is safe for you, your pets, and your children. Our research has led to strategies that allow us to eliminate stains and provide a better clean. This begins with a vigorous wash to eliminate soil and dust from deep inside the rug. Our wash cleanses deep into the fabric to make your rug look, feel, and actually be cleaner.

We are always researching and developing new methods and machines to achieve the best wash possible. Our work doesn’t stop there, we consistently add new machinery, detergents, and techniques to our arsenal every day. We developed a better wash and created a centralized website where consumers can learn about rug maintenance and stay up-to-date on their rug’s progress. We will continue moving forward to find ways to raise the bar for our industry.

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(818) 963-9153
David Paikal, MD
Address: 16661 Ventura Blvd # 522, Encino
CA 91436
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Cataract Surgery
Dry Eye Treatment
Nonsurgical Eyelid
Crow’s Feet
TempSure Envi
Forehead Wrinkles
Wrinkle Treatment
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David Paikal, M.D.
Diplomate American Board of Ophthalmology
Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA Stein Eye Institute


Monday8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesday8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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(818) 981-1663
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Fax: 818-981-1489
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Divan Mediterranean Grill and Lounge
Address: 303 El Camino Real

CA 92782
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Mediterranean cuisine is plant-based. The majority of the foods in a Mediterranean diet come from plants. Think about it: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, beans, nuts, seeds, and olive oil are all foods that are included every day

Contact name: Michael Afshar
Sunday –  Thursday  11:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Friday and Saturday 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Business Phone Number:
(714) 725-7233
Dr. Farnaz Zendehdel
Address: 10850 Wilshire Blvd #520, Los Angeles,
CA 90024
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I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with more than fifteen years of experience. It’s my honor to work with individuals, couples and families in an analytical and humanistic way. I respect and explore the uniqueness of each individual with safety, security and depth. I work with individuals who are seeking freedom from depression, anxiety, relationship issues/conflicts, addiction and traumas in their lives.
I write article for magazine, have a weekly educational radio show on 670am which is a live question and answer format. Also, I participate on a live weekly television show Tin Tv to educate and help others with problems they face. I’m passionate about journey of therapy and feel privileged to be a part of healing process.

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(310) 801-0544
Dr. Farzin Kabaei, MD
Address: 8436 W 3rd St suite 800, Los Angeles,
CA 90048
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Orthopedic Surgeon in Los Angeles, Same-Day Hip and Knee Replacement
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At age 17, I underwent the first of 8 surgeries that would be performed on my knee.

When I was 21, I was told that I would never be able to run or jump again without a significant disability. I left that surgeon's office in tears, emotionally devastated.

By the time I was 27, I was told my knee was close to “bone-on-bone” and that I needed more surgery. I was driven to search, find, and try anything that worked. My extensive research in non-surgical regenerative medicine gave me access to the most advanced and modern treatments. Some failed and some succeeded.

By personally experiencing the trials and tribulations of these treatments, I truly have first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t. Exploring treatments like stem cells, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), Hyaluronic Acid injections, acupuncture, chiropractic, holistic, etc., I learned that surgery is NOT always the only answer.

Through a multimodal approach, including both traditional and non-traditional methods, I can tackle tough chronic conditions like Osteoarthritis and associated chronic injuries.

I am now in my forties and have never been healthier. I’m an avid hiker, biker, and mountaineer. I set high goals for myself and my patients and I am very confident that we can achieve anything!

Business Phone Number:
(310) 792-9300
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