Yasmin Moghbeli, the Iranian-American NASA astronaut



🔸 Yasmin Moghbeli, the Iranian-American NASA astronaut, extended her Nowruz greetings by sharing a photo of the Haft-Sin table set up at the International Space Station, celebrating Nowruz.
🔸 In explaining the photo she posted on her Instagram account, Ms. Moghbeli wrote:
“I brought this Haft-Seen with me to the ISS (International Space Station) because I thought I would be celebrating Nowruz there.
Celebrating the Iranian New Year in space was unique, but I am very happy to have returned home in time to celebrate this day with my family.”

🔸 The six-month mission of the four-member astronaut team, led by Yasmin Moghbeli, concluded on Tuesday, 21st of Esfand, and they returned to Earth aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.


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