Understanding Popcorn Brain by Dr.Roya Nouri

Dr.Roya Nouri


Understanding Popcorn Brain

Popcorn brain describes how our brains get used to constant stimulation from technology, making it hard to focus on slower activities. Like popcorn popping, our brains expect continuous, quick inputs from digital devices, which can make it difficult to slow down and think deeply. This phenomenon affects work and personal relationships. We get so used to the quick gratification from online interactions that longer, face-to-face conversations or focused work can feel boring or frustrating. To combat this, practice mindfulness, take regular breaks from screens, and engage in activities that require sustained attention, like reading or spending time in nature. Balancing digital and real-world experiences can help our brains adapt and stay healthy.

Roya Nouri, PhD
Instagram: @roya_nouri

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