” Persian Odyssey Podcast” First Episode

Persian odessy



“Persian Odyssey Podcast”

I am Amir Tavangari, and I decided to make a podcast to illuminate the life journey of Iranians living abroad and uncover what makes them successful. We all have unique journeys, but amazingly, we share many similar stories and goals. We can all learn from each other to form the next generation of Iranians. My Goal is to connect Iranians and help make this growth happen in the best way I can.

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Mr.Sassan Faiz was the first guest


Sasan Faiz

In the premiere episode, I had the perfect guest.


I spoke to Sasan Faiz, a successful Chief Investment Officer for a recognised firm in LA, California. But this does not even scratch the surface of the amazing person he is. He is passionate about Persian poetry, Iranian and global political and macroeconomic landscape, health science, tennis, and more. His greatest trait is his drive to support and follow Iranians and fellow humans in any way he can. During the episode, we discuss his journey, investing, poetry, and more.


Long Live a Free, United, and Democratic Iran.

پاینده باد ایران آزاد و متحد و ایرانیان وطن پرست#

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