Fariba Salmani, will share the latest LAX update action regarding COVID 19 at terminals & planes

Fariba Salmani

Join us @ Kirn LosAngeles, with Debbie Amini
“Our World, Our Community”, Sunday May 24th, 1:00 PM
Fariba Salmani, will share the latest LAX updates regarding COVID-19 at terminals & on planes

Her Bio

Fariba Salmani was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Received her Master of Business Administration from University of Tehran. In 2013, she started her career at LAX as American Airlines’ Ticketing Agent and earned the nomination of “Top Customer Service” while learning about different cultures among diverse nationalities. Currently, Fariba is in charge of Human Resource and payroll Guru at the Los Angeles International Airport.
In her free time, Fariba works as a private personal trainer helping people to transform their unhealthy habits into healthy routines. She believes “Fitness is a Lifestyle” that contains healthy mind, right diet, and vigorous workout.

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