12 Prevention Steps to Avoid Covid-19

12 Prevention Steps to Avoid Covid-19


To discuss the steps, we need to take to avoid COVID-19, we should first start by understanding why certain segments of our population has been at greater risk and the complications they are experiencing.

We know the American population is very diverse and certain groups in the minority communities, such as African Americans are at greater risk, because of underlying disease health disparities and disease comorbidities. These include diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. In fact, about a quarter of people with Coronavirus who died in hospitals were diabetic. Doctors treating Coronavirus patients are also seeing a range of frightening syndromes, including blood clots, kidney failure, heart inflammation and immune complications.

Truth be told, the only defense to COVID-19, until there is a vaccine, is to boost immune function and here are 12 steps everyone can take in this regard.

1. Sleep for 7-8 hours to recharge and revive your brain cells for heightened energy, balance, memory and being able to control stress. (At MTC we offer the best quality of Melatonin, a natural liquid form of sleep protein, Alpha machine, special neurotransmitter-check, and Brain- Tapping for better sleep).

2. Exercise for 30 minutes daily, to help with increased blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen to your brain and overall body. Yoga, meditation, walking, swimming, sports, and mindfulness exercises etc., also releases happy hormones and natural opioids in the brain to reduce stress hormones and boost our immune system.

3. Controlling the amount of stress is crucial to supporting a healthy immune system. (At MTC we offer natural anti-anxiety supplements, hypnotherapy, Brain-Tapping, Neurofeedback/music/motion/light therapy to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression).

4. Healthy Diet is key to having a healthy gut as about 75% of your immune function is found in the gut. We are what we eat, and you need to avoid too much sugar, salt, processed food, soda, junk/fast food etc. Sugar is the best host for covid-19. (At MTC we use the latest technology to lose inches and fat with Neuro-Red-light that has no side effects, without the need for medications, being safe and easy. Using the TRANSFORMATIONS-360 diet, we also empower people to learn how to eat healthy, while losing abdominal fat and no muscle loss).

5. Obesity is the greatest host for the coronavirus. 70% of adult Americans are obese or over-weight. Excessive fat is one of the underlying reasons for inflammation, diabetes, foggy brain, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and much more. (There is a reason why the body maintains fat and at MTC we look for the root causes of why your body does not burn fat. Neuro-Redlight, Neurotransmitter testing, balancing essential nutrients and the T-360 Diet with psychological therapy can address all the issues including emotion, important to maintaining lifelong weight loss).

6. Diabetes (type II) is becoming an epidemic due to functional imbalances, unhealthy diet with too much sugar and refined carbohydrates. The two cause, inflammation, and weight gain, leading to insulin resistance and high blood pressure, brain fog, and gradually a sick body. (At MTC we have the latest wellness technology to treat the symptoms, correct function, elevate the immune system and reverse the signs without medication).

7. Vaping, Hookah, psychotropic medications, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol can affect the lungs and respiratory system (not mentioning the brain). Weak lungs, chemicals and toxic inhalers are desirable hosts for the coronavirus. (At MTC we do a QEEG Brain-Map to understand the reasons behind addiction and cravings and with Neurofeedback, Light, Motion, Music, sensors, and therapy to heal the brain).

8. Drinking Alkaline water, as 70% of your brain is water and we all need healthy water to have good circulation and energy to boost our immune system. (at MTC we can help you install the best quality water for your home).

9. Physical/mental hygiene is the key to a healthy body and mind. Take care of your teeth and gums, avoid toxic cleaning products, chemicals etc. please stop using too much Lysol and bleach as it is very toxic. You need to use soap, water and a little alcohol to clean your surroundings and fight the coronavirus.

10. Mental activity, hobbies, laughter, nature, music, etc. helps to distract your brain, get brain exercise, and regulate your mood and avoid unnecessary negative thinking, at this trying time. (At MTC we have latest technology and machines to help you activate your brain cells and prevent memory loss).

11. Essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids to prevent our body/brain to get sick and optimize the brain/gut health. In America, we have accustomed and conditioned to first get sick and then based on our symptoms get medications to mask the symptoms. Let us take care of our immune system and brain and not wait to get sick. (At MTC we check your brain-neurotransmitters, hormones, gut, etc. via several tests at nutraceutical labs (and not pharmaceutical labs) and will provide you with the recommended supplements for ultimate brain/body balance).

12. Electromagnetic Field (EMF) from electronics like your cell phone affects the body organs and the brain. The intensity, duration and direct contact to the body/brain is harmful to the cells. Try to use earphones on your cells and keep it away at night. Never keep your electronic devices close to your body. (At MTC we provide you with special strips for your electronics and Alpha machine to get rid of radiation).

Stay healthy and be well. This will pass and hopefully we have learned to keep up with taking care of our health.

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