Drug free treatment for BRAIN DISORDERS

Drug free treatment for BRAIN DISORDERS
Connecting Psychology & Technology for a Better Brain


Do you have ADD, ADHD, Memory loss, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Autism, Asperger, Learning problems, tremor, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injury, Insomnia, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, Speech problems, Epilepsy, or just need to optimize your brain function to stay young and sharp……?

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia, a Psychotherapist, and clinical director of Mind Therapy Center in Beverly Hills is excited with the remarkable results her clients are experiencing with innovative and unique assessment and treatment plans that addresses emotional, psychological and neuro-physiological conditions of children and adults.

This breakthrough in technology comes after 25 years of practice as a psychotherapist where she witnessed children and adults taking medications to mask their brain’s imbalances and nutritional deficiencies leading to abuse and misuse of drugs. She believes the missing link for therapists has been a lack of expertise to address brain disorders that arise from chemical imbalances and connectivity problems that prevent people from having normal thoughts, moods, behaviors and actions.

The center uses Neuro-Integrative therapy, combining QEEG Brain Mapping and EEG-HEG Biofeedback, Alpha system, sound, motion, color and light therapy in conjunction with psychotherapy, nutrition and neurotransmitter regulation. This non-invasive and non-drug technology balances and re-connects brain cells to resolve specific brain disorders which helps people change improper behavior while giving them better control over their mood and thoughts. The process is safe, pleasant, and relaxing with no side effects and WITHOUT the need for Medication.

The process starts by using specially trained neurologists at the Center to measure and record abnormal activity over 19 regions of the brain using QEEG mapping from which individualized designs for neuro-feedback and neuro-integration therapy are produced. With this analysis brain dysfunction is pinpointed and using non-invasive and non-drug technology, growth and change at the cellular level can be promoted that empowers patients to use their mind as a remedial tool.

The brain needs to be cared for as every time there is a shock, trauma, accident, and a loss, abuse of alcohol and drugs, or head injuries, brain cells are affected which then influence feelings, thoughts, learning abilities and simple actions people take every day. This state of brain decline gets aggravated over time as the lack of oxygenation and cellular connectivity becomes accentuated with the aging process. The good news is that the brain can be “uplifted” to gain speed, sharpness, alertness, and have it work optimally again with this new technology.


Success stories from our clients:
Chanel D., 7 years old Autistic girl was placed in a special facility since she was failing to read, write, and learn. Within three months after QEEG brain mapping and neuro-integration therapy, she is learning to read, write and speak and “to be present” and understand “jokes”. She is being transferred to the special education classes in her district.
Noelle F., 18 years old girl was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and Obsessive-compulsive disorder taking a number of medications to control her imbalances. Noelle left her college in San Francisco due to her failing conditions. After 2 months intense therapy, she is now free of all the symptoms and back to her college. She said she does not have foggy brain, can concentrate and feels happy and alert.
Shawn K., 52 years old man is paralyzed on the left side of his body due to a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his brain. He could not speak, walk, and express his thoughts and was extremely forgetful. Now about 2 months into his treatment, he can walk without cane, can read, speak and remembers most of the words.
Jonathon N., a 25-year-old man was diagnosed with encephalitis at birth affecting his learning and intelligence. He did not finish school and could not write and learn. After 6 months treatments and two brain maps, today he is a massage therapist and is continuing his education in computer. His handwriting improved and he has no signs of mental retardation.
Dela H., 35 years old woman was severely abused as a child and witnesses gruesome killings of her family. Although she continued her higher education, she was emotionally traumatized and had flat emotion. She reported to have fears, depression, lack of empathy and flashbacks. After 4 months of evaluation and treatment, today she is happily married and is giving birth to her second child. She said that “For the first time, I can feel my feelings, I can laugh, I can control my emotions and can process happiness”. She sleeps well at nigh and had no depression.
Sherwin R., 15 years old girl was struggling with school and especially
Math. She could not remember the multiplication table and reported depression and foggy mind. After assessment and 2 months into treatment, she now is getting A’s and computing math. She is free of depression and can do abstract thinking.

Tips to have a better brain:

Avoid processed and fast (junk) food.
Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar content
Exercise both physically and mentally (play board game, tetras, chess, puzzles, sudoku, etc.)
Learn a new language or play an instrument.
Avoid alcohol, medications and drugs
Drink plenty of water
Avoid exposure to chemicals. Check lead (in hair care and skin care products), mercury, aluminum (lipstick and deodorant), toxicity (paints), mold, pesticide, etc.
Avoid using mercury in dental filling
Breath deeply every day for 3- 5 minutes
Touch and feel the beauty in the environment
Love your life and build positive relationships
Keep your brain busy with new and different tasks every day
Avoid hitting your head to hard surfaces
Ensure you have deep uninterrupted sleep with no electrical equipments near your bed.
Avoid holding a cell phone next your ear or keeping it in your pocket or attaching it to your belt
Avoid living in high-rise buildings
Use hard flooring instead of carpet in your bedroom
Spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day outside to get direct sun light as light travels through the brain and lifts our emotions
Spend time in nature

In case of any questions or if you need any appointments you can reach Dr. Nanaz Pirnia @ Therapy Mind Center by contacting : (310) 286-1480

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