Persian Girls Night Out Comedy Show!

Who run the world? Girls…Persian Girls to be exact! You love Maz Jobrani, Max Amini, Amir K but now we bring you a new breed of fresh, fierce and female Persian comedians you’ve been missing out on. Persian Girls Night is all about empowering and showing a side of Persian girls that’s never been showcased before. Comedy is hard, being a woman in comedy is even harder, being a Persian woman in comedy is the hardest. We are a new generation of female comedians who fight to get any stage time at all at major comedy clubs to tell our stories and help bring light to topics and break stereotypes like they’ve never been broken before. You’ve heard from the boys but now it’s time to hear it from the girls. We go out in the mainstream world and struggle to get support but I know the one place we can count our support on is our own community. Persian Girls Night is a first time ever, never been seen before event to showcase Persian female comedians that Persian’s didn’t even know existed.
The ladies are here to show how it’s done! Don’t miss Persian Girls Night Out Comedy Show followed by after party dancing with DJ Gami. Tickets on sale now. So get your friends and come out. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this!

Mona Shaikh
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