Persian Women in Tech Celebrates 3 years and 1 year of Impact in Los Angeles, CA



Persian Women in Tech Celebrates 3 years 

and 1 year of Impact in Los Angeles, CA


Celebrating 3 years of Impact and Community building to highlight profiles of Women of diverse backgrounds In Tech.


Persian Women in Tech (PWIT), a 3 year Nonprofit Organization dedicated to connecting, mentoring, supporting and empowering Iranian and MENA Women in the Technology space, will hold —the first in the US—Media Day to honor 10 Inspiring Iranian Women in STEM fields. This event celebrates and elevates the powerful female forces from Los Angeles who are leaders and influencers in one of America’s largest cities and technology sector. Our technology landscape would not exist without the achievements and contributions of incredible tech women pioneers throughout history—and the communities and teachers who support them. When we all support, assist, and encourage women’s achievements, incredible things happen, and new ground is broken.

The Media Day is curated to highlight profiles of Iranian Women of diverse backgrounds In Tech and ignite the conversation about support, role models, talent, opportunities and how companies, organizations and individuals can help change the dialogue and break new grounds in Diversity and Inclusion.

“We are thrilled to announce the one-year anniversary of Persian Women in Tech in Los Angeles to elevate the profile of Persian Women working in technology. Throughout the year, we have connected with a number of Los Angeles tech companies to foster networking connections to ensure that these women’s incredible talents are elevated in the tech and STEM world in Southern California,” said Sepideh Nasiri, Founder of Persian Women in Tech. Sepideh adds that, “in an industry that is still coming to terms with its ubiquitous culture of sexism and lack of diversity, it is important now more than ever for women and people of color to be given access to opportunities that showcase their talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Iranian Women across Los Angeles are starting successful companies and creating innovative technologies that are quite literally changing the tech industry—challenging negative stereotypes about their community and bring their own seat to the table.”

Persian Women in Tech organizes and facilitates programs such as the monthly meetings, the WoMENA conference, mentorship and workshops for women in the technology and STEM fields to connect, mentor, support, and empower each other, inviting unique speakers to discuss entrepreneurship and technology. Persian Women in Tech’s blog network provides a platform for members of the technology community to further network and exchange ideas. This special event is open to all genders in the technology and STEM fields.

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Persian Women in Tech is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to celebrating and supporting Iranian and MENA women in technology and STEM from all across the globe’s landscape who are engineers, technologists, founders, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors. 

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